The Project

Why are we producing this movie

In times of building walls instead of bridges, where nationalism and separation are getting stronger, we want to show an example of how to overcome these obstacles and find a way to bring people together and open their minds for new perspectives and foreign cultures.

We want to show the relevance of Capoeira not only for the lives of various Capoeiristas, but for the whole society. Its influence on cultural processes and social structures and its potential to unite people to enter a cultural exchange.

Production history

Mestre Joel introduced us the idea of shooting a documentary about how Capoeira influences people´s life in Brazil and Europe three years ago. We loved the idea and began producing Filhos da Capoeira as an independent film production because of our passion for Brazilian culture and this great martial art, that is at the same time so much more than just that.

On our journey we travelled to many different places in Europe and Brazil, got to know emotional stories and interviewed inspiring people, like world-known capoeira masters João Grande and Acordeon. Further shoots in Hamburg, Vienna, Portugal and Brazil are still planned.