About us

Inka Fischer Leoncio (Director)

Cultural anthropologist and young filmmaker from Hamburg (Germany). Her thematic priorities are social inequality, integration and migration. A student exchange year at the age of 16 in Vila Velha (ES, BR), Brazilian language as a minor subject in the Bachelor’s program, a university exchange in João Pessoa (PB, BR) and an internship abroad in the Museum Capixaba do Negro (ES, BR) caused a very close connection with Brazil and its cultures.

Jonas Hieronimus (Producer/Director of Photography)

Independent documentary filmmaker from Hamburg (Germany), founder of Paperkite
Pictures Filmproduction. Started Capoeira 15 years ago after a student exchange program in Brazil
to where he came back on many occasions since.

Claudia Mattai del Moro (Film Sound Engineer)

Sound engineer for cinema and television feature films since 2010 with a lot of experience also as sound designer in international co-productions.

Joel Dias (Initiator)

Capoeira Mestre from Recife (Brazil) who entered the world of Capoeira at the age of 14. Capoeira became the essence of his life. Since 1997 he is living and teaching the art of Capoeira in Hamburg (Germany).

Paperkite Pictures (Film Production)

Film production from Hamburg with focus on social and ecological topics as well as education for sustainable development. Founded in 2014 by Jonas Hieronimus and Sabine Marina.